Sunflowers are here for Spring


Our Brand and Our Products

bb mad desings is queer woman small business. We make bright, femme, and lightweight jewelry and accessories. Everything is made out of 100% wool and polymer clay. Since its just wool it is all super lightweight! You can wear these giant statment earrings all day!

  • Felted Flower Designs

    Our Felted Flowers come in 3 fun sizes! Double, large, and mini. Double and large have a hugger clasp and mini flowers have a french hook.

  • Have Gauges? No Problem!

    Lots of our designs our made with 20mm - 50mm hops, which will fit through any tunnel or under any gauge. The huggie clasp and hooks are not ideal for tunnels, leave a comment at chanckout and I can swap it for a hoop!

  • Made with Love

    The Strawberries are felted and beaded by hand!

  • Clouds are dreamy